Our studio

Our studio

Our philosophy

We are not just your average wedding shop…We hope you find our boutique stylish, fresh, vibrant, cool and above all, relaxed!

We specialize in imported wedding dresses and have a selection of over 80 samples in store for you to try. We are proud to say that we are owner run and managed and have been in operation since 2009

Our focus is always on YOU and the way you that you FEEL… It’s about the experience.
We do things differently and sincerely hope that you can see that! Our team is wholeheartedly committed to guiding you through this unfamiliar territory by making this process as effortless as possible. 

Whats your style?

Are you a boho bride? Or are you more contemporary? Or perhaps, a more classic and traditional bride? Whatever your style, we will assist in making your dream come true! 


Leaders in our field, The Wedding Boutique is constantly striving to create the most Unique, Tranquil, Light and inspiring space for you to Find your dress!  Here are a few images of our studio


About The Wedding Boutique


"I am living my dream…gosh, I am SO blessed!"

People often ask me “Alex, what on earth made you want to have a Bridal Boutique’ and for the past few years my answer has always been “well I’ve always loved wedding dresses, everything about them – the way they make you feel, the way they fall perfectly onto a woman's body, the BIG smile the bride has when she finds THE one.”

Then the other day an old friend who had been living abroad for many years came back and said to me “Alex, do you remember when we were in school and you were always drawing wedding dresses?” I couldn’t believe how I had totally forgotten that I used to do that! WOW – What an ‘ah-ha’ moment!
So, now I tell people that story  :)